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You are trapped in a dungeon, you have no idea how you got there but you know you must escape. You look around and see the exit door in front of you, where the sun shines calling your name, but a series of iron gates separates you from your freedom. The clock is ticking and the door is closing. Can you leave this forsaken dungeon before the time runs out and you are trapped forever?

Dungeon Escape is simple puzzle game created for the One Game a Month #51: Write. Each gate will contain scrambled letters and you need to figure the right word in order to open the gate. The time is running so you must figure it out fast, otherwise the door will close and you'll lose the game.

This game is completed, but will receive upgrades if needed.


Game Design:
Christiano Teixeira
Gustavo Machado

3D Art:
Gustavo Machado

Game Code:
Christiano Teixeira
Gustavo Machado

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Published Mar 31, 2017
Authorschristiano, Togu


PC.rar 55 MB

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